Raw Footage Promotional


Videographer on site for up to 5 hours

All raw footage given to customer on data card afterwards

Footage is shot in blocks based on the events of the day

Welcome to Vision Real Video Productions


Why compromise your event by having an amateur record it with a wobbling smart phone and limited storage. Once in a lifetime events should be preserved professionally! You'll find it's worth it!


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Birthday parties

Personal projects

School events


Business videos 

Web videos

Photo montages

DVD duplication

Format transfers

Video tutoring


We are one of the few videographers who offer 

more than just a short edited highlight video!


VRV offers a variety of quality video production services at a very affordable cost. We are the best value for video production in Minnesota for your needs!


Vision Real Video, LLC is one of the few video services that offers an intermediate-length

(20-25 mins.) edited video package. Not just highlight videos. We offer a wide range of video recording, from family events to professional productions. We can shoot your event in HD quality, edit it down and burn it to a DVD or create a high quality digital file. We can burn your home video into a DVD as well so that you can preserve your memories for years to come. VRV can help you create professional projects for broadcast or cinematic distribution. We can add music, elegant titles, transitions and JPEG photos to your video. We can also do color and brightness adjustments, further enhancing your viewing experience. We create photo montages completed in a video format. Additionally we can do a variety of format transfers or compress your video for web streaming. We can also edit a variety of different video formats. And yes, even if you have some smart phone video you need edited, we can do that too!



                                                                                                       About us

Vision Real Video, LLC is a company created by Roseville Minnesota based videographer, Tom Maertz. Tom has a 2004 degree in Video and Digital Arts from Minneapolis Community and Technical College. He has 25 years of videography experience and 15 years of experience in digital editing.

To date, he has completed 260 videos of weddings or other events. He has served a very culturally diverse array of clients. He has also taught classes in video editing and produced a feature length documentary addressing the issue of homelessness in Minnesota.


How we do a full wedding shoot

VRV uses a 2 camera shooting method. One camera is placed in the best position while a 2nd camera is positioned off to the side on an extra tall Tripod or sometimes on a balcony. The 2 angles are combined seemlessly in the final editing process. Sometimes camera positions are moved which makes a 2 camera shoot seem like 3 or 4.


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