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Welcome to Volga River Video Productions, LLC.

Are you planning a wedding or special event and need a videographer for shooting and editing? Do you have old home videos or films in your closet? Do you shoot a lot of videos but don't have the software to edit them? Most people don't realize what professional videography can do for their wedding or other event. We offer quality video production services at a very affordable cost. We are the best value for video production in Minnesota for your needs!


Volga River Video Productions, LLC. offers a wide range of video recording, from family events to professional productions. We can shoot your event in brilliant HD quality, edit it down and burn it to a DVD. We can burn your home video into a DVD as well so that you can preserve your memories for years to come. VRV can help you create professional projects for broadcast or cinematic distribution. We can add music, elegant titles, transitions and JPEG photos to your video, further enhancing the viewing experience. Additionally we can do a variety of format transfers or compress your video for web streaming. VRV IS NOW MORE MOBILE. With the addition of the Mac Book Pro laptop computer, we can meet with you at a coffee shop to show you the progress of your editing project. we can even make changes right on the spot, and shape your video exactly the way you want it!

About Us

Volga River Video, LLC is a company created by Maplewood Minnesota based videographer Tom Maertz. Tom has 25 years of videography experience and has produced 78 weddings and also a diverse array of cultural events. He has also taught classes in video editing and produced a feature length documentary.

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